Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pillow Monsters

Welcome friends to my brand new and first ever blog, where hopefully the future will hold some interesting content related to my life, my inspiration and my artistic endeavors. In accordance with my love of images, you can expect to see a lot of visual material here.

I intended for this blog to primarily emphasize my pursuits in illustration, but what's exciting me today is an ongoing hand-sewing adventure which I've just picked up again: pillow monsters! It began a few years ago with a basic fleece blanket I found on the $2.50 rack at Target. And the first vaguely cat-like pillow monster with big eyes and fangs and an enormously disproportionately large head was born from that and a bit of cotton fluff.

So without further adieu, here is my latest creation:

Here are a few very much-loved (thus the worn appearance) older examples:

They're wonderfully soft and warm, generally 20-24 inches tall, a few inches thick, and stuffed with potential use as a pillow in mind. I've been using them as pillows as well as adorable snuggly bed and couch accessories for years.

My new pillow monster and more future pillow monsters will be coming to my Etsy shop (which I urge you to check out) soon! Would anyone be interested?

Finally, onward with more!