Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cross-Country Driving and More Monsters

Hi! I am in St. Louis currently - just passing through on my way home. In case you didn't know, I left Maine two days ago to return to Kansas City for Thanksgiving. Yesterday was quite an adventure. I hope to avoid driving 13 hours straight on my own in the future if possible. But, thank you very much to Katie in New York City and Mark in Louisville for letting me stay with them along the way. Two stops is a lot better than none - especially two stops with free guest beds and friends and family to visit. :)

And for the latest pillow monster update, I'd like to share with you the two pillow monsters that I just dropped off in Louisville. I made these for my cousins Kelsey and Morgan.

And now I'll be meeting a friend at Kaldi's in Clayton, my favorite (the best) coffee shop in St. Louis, and then embarking on the last stretch of driving before I finally get home!

P.S. In case anyone is anxious to purchase one of these pillow monsters, they will finally be available in my Etsy shop within the next week. I promise. :)


  1. Yaayyyy Lauren I love you!! :D

  2. were these morgan and kelseys? way cute!

  3. Yes these ones were for Morgan and Kelsey. And thank you so much for viewing and commenting, Joe's blog!